artista veronese

Guglielmo Mezzari
was born June 16, 1940 in Verona where he lived until his death on December 26, 2015.

He studied and graduated at the Art School of Verona while he attended an evening course in decoration at Nani’ Art Institute. After this graduation he assisted Cignaroli’ Academy for one year obtaining the 1st prize for painting. For many years he taught Art at the Stimate Institute, at Don Mazzi and in many public schools.
He is an artist from Verona with figurative traditions, it was the only artist of his city which had, as teachers and friends, famous painters as Guido Trentini, Antonio Nardi and Moreno Zoppi. Moreno Zoppi was the first that introduced him into the art in his study, and when he was young he took Mezzari with him to paint to Burano and thanks to Moreno Zoppi, Mezzari was host in Umberto Poggioli's house, where at the beginning of 1900s were host some of the most important italian artists from Veneto, which took part in the biennali of Cà Pesaro.
With a coy and a bitter character and with his sharp jokes, Mezzari connects a modern figurative painting from Veneto to very bold colors from french tradition. The school of abstraction has set, so the Mezzari's activity seems to be more recognised, this is shown also by the acquisitions in important collections both in Veneto and out of regional borders, and also by some articles on "Corriere della Sera". His activity has been recognised and honored also by the Premio di Pittura Biennale dell'acquarello in Albignasego (Pd), one of the many expositions to which he partecipate. Different newspapers shown articles which talk about him, such as L'Arena, La Cronaca, Il Gazzettino and the Corriere della Sera, articles written by S.Grasso, Guidorizzi, Meneghelli, Betzo and other. He he get its own expositions in Verona, one of these was in "Il Prisma" gallery, and he also partecipate as envoy to some important foreign collectives with other painters, for example in Lubiana, Zagabria, Parigi and Tokyo and Kyoto. in one of the last expositions, the Sanità (Varcelli) he was awarded and he was also awared in the Personale, October 2003 to the "Pisanello" gallery in the Centro Toniolo (Verona).
Shy artist, he didn’t take part in any cultural and artistic event. Nevertheless his pieces have been exposed in several national and international exhibitions.
Addicted to work, he has done a large number of pieces including oil paintings, watercolors, engravings and drawings.